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Who Are Hybridyne Power Systems Canada ?

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Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc. specializes in the international sales and installation of Hybrid (Wind & Solar) Renewable Energy Systems, of the distributed-architecture, peak-shaving, non-co-gen type.

We are the Sales, Applications & Marketing arm for The Hybridyne Group of Companies.  Click Here to read " The Hybridyne Story "  

In 2004, the founders of our company and the group conceived a small (under 100kW ) renewable energy system  that was to be unlike anything else currently available on the market today. The technology is now patent pending.

In the process of developing a marketing and delivery strategy for this new technology, we were able to assemble a group of companies who are all keenly interested in Alternate energy and who have a vested responsible corporate interest in its success as a whole.   We are proud to say that this group of companies represent the very best of the best, and includes some of the largest corporate names, not only within our industry, but the international business community as a whole.  

As a result, this group represents remarkable international depth and breadth of financial stability, established corporate longevity, huge aggregate knowledge capital, and national and international technical support and installation technology. We are confident that this has never been done before in Canada and quite possibly in the entire world.

We have access to the largest aggregate engineering and R&D staffs in the world, National Warranty/Service from prominent Power Electronics Service firms, and commitments from some of the largest equipment manufacturers and design firms worldwide.

Within the Hybridyne Group, HPS concentrates on :
  • engineering and construction for the other member companies within the group
  • marketing, design, and construction of 'Behind the Meter' systems

           - renewable energy installations to power a single building or facility

           - designed to take the building 'off the grid' for ( typically ) 8-10 hours per day


Drilling Project Management-Service at Minimal Cost

Oil and gas are very important commodities for countries that are highly rich in them. Oil-rich countries, provinces, or privately-owned areas can benefit greatly in being able to extract oil effectively and efficiently and without damaging or having any environmental impact with the immediate surroundings of the oil well is crucial. After all, wastage is not good, nor is doing damage to nature for the purpose of your profit. This is why petroleum engineers make it a point that every oil well they drill and develop for oil extraction and recovery takes very serious consideration on how they can minimize their work's overall impact to the environment.

These days, the ever-increasing demand for fossil fuel has greatly shortened the estimated timeline as to when our supply of fossil fuel will run out. However, thanks to technological advancements, scientific studies, and ingenious methods, geologists and petroleum engineers are able to discover and identify a great number of highly-hidden oil reservoirs underneath the earth. Without any drilling methods, techniques, and equipment advancements, these huge pockets of oil reserves will remain difficult to tap. Fortunately, we no live in an age where essential stuff like finding supply for highly demanded items like oil becomes a necessity and therefore results in the invention and creation of different ways on how they can bypass the drilling impossibility.

When it comes to finding oil-rich reserves underneath the earth, petroleum engineers apply their knowledge in identifying potential areas that may be rich in oil reserves. It is through this study and material analysis that drilling engineers are able to determine the location on where the pocket of oil deposited underneath that they are going to drill and well to recover its oil deposits. However, it should be taken not of that there are different groups involved when it comes to the task of drilling a single well. Each group has their own particular task in the drilling project and it takes the combination of every group's effort that helps in making the drilling project successful.

Since every group participating in the drilling project will have their own task to fulfill, all group efforts will come together under the careful watch of the http://cbwresourceconsultants.com/oil-gas-project-management/drilling/ personnel who takes in all the input from different groups involved in the drilling project and apply the necessary control and work processes so that drilling can start as soon as all the necessary data have been forwarded. The earlier drilling starts, the earlier the company will potentially start having their business drawn.

These days, nearly every work position can be outsourced from highly skilled individuals working for particular companies that provide such services. In fact, different companies providing professional services have significantly increased in numbers. Even so, the competition between each company is very fierce as they try to outdo each other. Fortunately, the type of work structure involved when you hire a drilling project management from reputable professional service companies is more than adequate as they do really have the knowledge when the subject involved is their favorite.