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The Hybridyne group of Companies offers a range of products :
  • Remote Autonomous Systems
    • a Renewable-Energy Powered light and security tower - please see our sister company  Hybridyne-RHS 
    • transportable ' utility in a box ' generating stations that can be flown or trucked into remote locations - please see our sister company  Hybridyne-RHS
  • Enterprise-Level

    • Hybridyne " Behind the Meter©  " systems
    • uniquely designed and built for a single structure ( e.g. an office building or  a factory )
    • designed to take that structure "off the grid" for some or all of the working day
    • provides power conditioning and UPS characteristics for the whole building
    • structure becomes immune to blackouts and brownouts
    • typically reduces electrical invoices to 20% of their former level
    • typical payback is 8 years
    • Click Here to see details
    • Click Here to see a  typical Behind the Meter system
  • Grid Supply

    • Hybridyne "  Energy Parks© " and  "  Mini Energy Parks© "
    • Hybrid wind- and solar-powered generation to feed the 'grid'
    • unprecedented efficiency means higher return on investment
    • please see our sister company Hybridyne Power Generation


Custom Designed & Engineered Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems - over 50% Canadian Content.                                                     

Hybridyne is listed as a supplier in the Energy Management Services Directory on the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) Web site


National Warranty and Service Aim Energy
Turnkey National Electrical, Mechanical, Millwrighting & InstallationHybridyne Power Systems Installation Group

We also feature significant in-house expertise in :

  • Power Quality monitoring, surveys, analysis and Reports

  • Turnkey remedial action using Power Quality and High Availability power  products from all of our partner organizations

  • Active and Passive filters

Aim Energy

  • UPS Power Conditioning and Power Backup Products

GE Energy

  • UPS Power Conditioning and Power Backup Products

Aim Energy
  • Precision Air Conditioning for Power Electronics

 Liebert Canada Inc.