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Tax and other Incentives

At the date this discussion was written, the following  Grant and Rebate programs had been researched and verified. Because of the amount of Government interest in renewable energy, more are being announced on a regular basis.  Please note that these are Canadian ( and mostly Ontario ) incentives.  Please check on incentives in your own juri


As part of Hybridyne Power's commitment to complete turn-key project management services, we have engaged one of Canada's premiere tax/legal firms, Thorsteinssons LLP, to write Letters of Opinion detailing the tax treatment which Hybridyne's customers can expect .  A quote from one of the opinions follows :

" ... it is our opinion that a Dedicated Behind the Meter System ( comprised either of wind or solar energy components ) acquired before 2012 should qualify for inclusion in Class 43.2 for CCA purposes.  It is our opinion that a Hybrid Behind-the-Meter System ( comprised of both wind and solar energy components ) acquired before 2012 should also qualify as Class 43.2 property ...."


The results of the incentives and grants we have documented so far generally reduce your payback period dramatically. (less than 1 year in non-grid-connected northern Canadian applications ). Click here for an example.

Click here to visit the website of  Natural Resources Canada's Renewable Energy initiative.
This site contains a list of available Federal incentives.
The Canadian Wind Energy Association provides a listing of some of the wind-only incentives currently available
The Clean Energy Portal contains a list of many Federal and Provincial incentives and initiatives currently available.  Hybridyne is proud to be listed as a recognized supplier of Renewable Energy solutions. 

Blakes Cassels & Graydon is a leading Canadian business law firm. They offer excellent articles on corporate tax subjects.
  • This article discusses Capital Cost allowances for Green Energy projects
  • (This is the same article as a .PDF printable document )
  • This article reviews some of the federal tax incentives offered to encourage green energy projects and reviews the structure of one specific wind-powered electrical generating project.
On October 25, 2005, the Government of Ontario announced a new "net metering" regulation to promote the growth of Renewable Energy, which would allow Hybridyne's clients to sell their excess generated electricity back to the power gridClick here to see the announcement.
Under Ontario's Green Energy Act, the Ontario Power Authority is offering a Feed In Tariff ( FIT ) to promote the production of electricity from Renewable Sources, by offering attractive rates to buy the electricity for the Ontario Grid. Members of the Hybridyne Group have sufficient Ontario Content to be able to meet the rules.

CLICK each of the following for a discussion of the specific rebate, how it applies to you, and what it means in financial terms.

  • CRCE ( Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expense )

  • EII  ( Energy Initiators Initiative )
  • CIPEC   Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation 

  • WPPI ( Natural Resources Wind Power Production Incentive )
  • Feed In Tariff - Ontario's program for buying energy from 'small' grid-connected generators
  • NRCAN ecoENERGY Program - Canadian program to provide incentives for Renewable Energy Generation for own use or sale to the grid.