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Scrapbook  - related articles in various publications
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AltEnergyMag.com is a dedicated online B2B eMagazine featuring minute by minute news, daily hot stories, along with weekly articles, interviews and case studies featuring key issues about various Alternative Energy Technologies.

When AltEnergyMag requested us to write an article relevant to the current state of the Renewable Energy Industry, we were pleased to comply with this article.

You can also download/view a PDF version HERE( It is a large file, so please be patient )

ES&E Magazine provides vital information for professionals that are engaged in the design, construction and operation of municipal water and wastewater treatment systems, stormwater management, industrial/hazardous waste management and air pollution.

ES&E asked us to contribute an article on a project we designed to power a Waste Water Treatment Plant with Renewable Energy - the first such project in the world. This solution would have powered the plant completely with wind and sunshine, and as a bonus would provide Hydrogen to power some of the customers vehicles.

You can also download/view a PDF version HERE.  

Industry Media is an interactive publishing company dedicated to serving the information needs of business professionals in Canada and abroad.

They have chosen to feature Hybridyne on their 'front page' as one of their 'current industry profiles'.  We're very pleased with the article and we invite you to view it. 

You can also download/view a PDF version HERE.   ( It is a large file, so please be patient )

A wakeup Call - meeting the oil depletion challenge Energy Today , March-April 2006

The end of easy availability of fossil fuels makes Renewable Energy even more important.

" We must recognize the limits of our fossil fuel reserves and begin to push for rapid growth in solar energy. For the first time in history, all of humanity will share the same problem. This common challenge can help unify us, to recognize the futility of war and to make governments more responsive to our needs "

PDF Version

Small Business Hydro Shock The Toronto Star , 13apr2006

Owners lament electricity rate hikes.

" The increase in electricity rates announced yesterday comes as another thorn in the side for small business owners already smarting from rising gasoline prices and a strong Canadian dollar. "

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